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Where is the best place to travel to in the usa?

Question: Where is the best place to travel to in the usa?

(Posted by: on 2012-07-18 05:14:21)

Hi Im from Ireland and I was wondering where in the USA is best for me to travel. I like the Americans as I find them generally friendly. always liked the idea of New York?? open to suggestions? thanks :D


Posted by: Joe C on 2012-07-18, 07:35:13

Concentrate on California. There is so much to see in the state from the beaches to the mountains to the deserts. Lots of amusement parks, attractions, National Parks, and places to see before you die. If you want to get a flavor of the US, California has it all. You can spend many years here and not see everything. Head to San Diego and see the best zoo in the world. You can take the train to/ from L.A. The Surf Line Route has been voted one of the most scenic rail routes in the country. It runs along the coast with the tracks just yards from the Pacific Ocean. The train also stops in Anaheim, just minutes from Disneyland. servlet/ ContentServer/ AM_Route_C/ 1241245649505/ 1237405732511 Some must see attractions in San Diego are the world famous Zoo, Sea World, and Balboa Park. Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the country. You can get a park passport which allows you entry to a dozen museums as well as the zoo. parkpass Check out these sites for discount coupons and other info nav/ Visitors Los Angeles has all the major tourist traps like Disneyland, Magic Mountain and Universal Studios, but try and take in some sights like the Getty Center. It has one of the largest art collections in the world and because of its large endowment, it's free. index.html The American West is all about vast spaces and natural wonder and the National Park System has preserved them. California has several. Yosemite is one of the most unique places on earth. It's one of those places you must see before you die. Yose/ index.htm If you want stunning vistas, Yosemite is the place. Glacier Point is breathtaking. glacier_point.htm If you want to see big trees, there are groves of Giant Sequoias in Yosemite (they are the largest trees on earth, bigger then the redwoods) San Franciso is one of the great cities of the world. Ride the Cable Cars to Fisherman's Wharf, visit Coit Tower, see the Golden Gate. On the central coast there is Hearst Castle. Here is a suggested itinerary Start in San Diego - it's a must see and there are tons of things to do. After a few days, take the train to LA or Disneyland. Head up to the Central Coast by car on US 101 past Santa Barbara. Go to San Simeon and spend the night. The next morning, tour Hearst Castle. After lunch, continue up the coast on CA 1 to Big Sur and the Monterey Peninsula. Stay the night and the next day visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium then ride along 17 mile drive in Carmel. From there, head to SF. If you have the time, go to Yosemite. If you can't drive, fly from LA / San Diego to San Francisco. You can get day tours by bus to Yosemite from SF.


Posted by: Jonas on 2012-07-18, 06:06:38

I'm from the San Francisco area, and it's a great place to visit. I've been across the United States, most everywhere major but Florida and Chicago. I would narrow it down to California in general i.e. San Diego, Los Angeles, and SF. I feel like it is easier to be near nature and nicer beaches in California. Yosemite National Park is located 4 hours east of SF. In Los Angeles you have much of the culture that tourist would be familiar with. Hollywood blvd, griffith observatory, hollywood sign, Santa Monica, etc. San Diego, has wonderful relaxing beaches and a great downtown. San Diego is great place to be with friends and they have good pubs, especially in the gas lamp quarter. If I were to visit California, I would try to visit these three cities. If just one that is a hard choice between the older, modern sophisticated culture of San Francisco vs the natural beauty and modern downtown of San Diego vs the iconic and expansive many options of Los Angeles. New York, may be the best place to travel to for someone from europe or first time visitor. I loved my experiences in New York city. The one problem, is this is one of the most expensive places to visit in the world. Hotel costs and travel expenses will add up very fast here. There are so many world icons in NYC that you would be very busy seeing all the amazing sights. You also being doing it in one of the most multi cultural cities in the USA. There is a lot to discover in NYC. Washington DC is also an amazing side trip from NYC but I'm not sure it would have the same significance for a tourist.


Posted by: Pat on 2012-07-18, 07:03:40

Yes, New York is one of the happening places in summer, there are lots of things to do. I also love visiting San Diego and San Francisco. If you have kids accompanying you, they will love the daily lifestyle these places have to offer. If you are coming as a couple or friends, you can visit Las Vegas. Night life is awesome and you will enjoy the hustle bustle around the strip. Have fun during your travel!


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